Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Red

Ever since Sam and Liz's wedding in Kentucky last year, Amanda and I have decided that we need to make climbing in Red River Gorge an annual thing.  This year Bill, Amanda and I flew out to Chicago to meet Chris.  Chris picked us up at the airport and showed us around the town.  The next day we stopped at the indoor climbing gym that Chris climbs at and got in some laps to keep us from going crazy on the drive down to 'The Red'.  We stayed at Miguel's as usual.  It's hard to beat the conveinience of Miguels, camping, showers, pizza, wifi, covered cooking area, etc.
Thwe ever popular Miguel's.

Ben on 'Stunning the Hog'.

Amanda on the first of two sit down rest on 'Banshee'.

Chris taking some whips!



Bill going for it at the 'Solarium'. 

Amanda having a horrid time in 'The Red'.

Amanda on 'Aquaduck Pocket'.

Playing 'Angry Birds' on the drive back to Chicago.
The climbing in 'The Red' is nothing less then amazing!  There are so many walls and so much rock it's hard not to find routes that get you giddy!  I think we all have our projects that we are going to go back to next year.  Although we all would have loved to stay longer, after 3 days of climbing it was time to head back to Chicago for work and flights home.

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