Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big Mud

It was December and thus time to aid some towers in the desert.  Marcus, Matt P, Matt K, Bill, Ian, Sean and I were headed to the Fisher Towers with no plans.  When we all met up at the parking lot we chose teams and objectives.  Bill, Sean and I (Team A) were headed for 'Sundevil Chimney'.  While the Matts, Ian and Marcus (Team B) headed for the 'Finger of Fate'.  We were both climbing 'The Titan' just from different sides.  The climbing went well for both teams.  Team B made the summit, while Team A fixed ropes on the first 3 pitches for a summit attempt the next day.  Luckily we all finished our days at the same time and hiked back to the cars together a little dirtier then when we walked in.  Matt K. and Marcus headed for some food in town.  For the rest of us it was a little tuna mac and time for bed.  Team A got up early and headed for the fixed lines.  Team B split up  to ascend some inferior objectives.  After some scary/dirty/great pitches we topped out in the dark, rappelled the route, hiked out and drove back to Durango.  All in all a great weekend in the desert with a great group!  Thanks for the photos Bill!

The Titan.

Ben on pitch 1 of Sundevil Chimney.

Belaying Sean on pitch 2.

Bill leading pitch 3 with Sean belaying.

Ben getting scared on pitch 4.




Sean on pitch 5 with Ben belaying.

Setting up the rappels.

A long exposure on top.

The Titan.

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