Saturday, September 15, 2012

Elk Hunting

My Dad, uncle Bill and cousin Mick just came out to go elk hunting.  Bill, Dad and I with Muzzleloaders and Mick with his bow.  We ended up not getting anything but had a great time chasing the elk around!  Dad as usual was the camp cook, and did a damn good job!  Mick did the dishes and Bill kept us all in line.  Word is that another Kiessel crew is thinking about coming out next year.  I look forward to it!  Hopefully Bill and Mick will come out again soon as well!  Thanks for the great week guys!  Below are a few photos of camp life.
The new wall tent.  Very plush!

Mick, Bill, and Randy.

Mick roughing it.

Bill supervising.

Getting ready to head out for the afternoon.

What a good looking bunch of Kiessel's!

Amanda in between her two naps for the day.

Bill, Dad and I in 2009. (I had to add atleast one photo of an elk.)