Thursday, April 12, 2012

November Reunion

Brad, Koren and Owen moved to California a few years ago, leaving behind multiple sad climbing partners.  They returned last November with an additional member of the family, and we were able to get out and climb a little.  We met in Moab at the hostel, which we had discovered as a great place for big groups years ago.  9 people wanted to climb, well really it was 8 people and a gimp since Matt had a broken hand.  Lots of time was spent pouring over guide books trying to find something that would be a) a tower, b)new for everyone and c)enjoyable for everyone.  Quite a challenge!  We finally decided on a feature called 'House of Putterman'(H.O.P.).  The drive out required a little four wheelin' which is always fun when there's a caravan of vehicles.  Ryan and Marcie decided to do another tower near by called 'Echo Tower' and disapeared in a cloud of dust.  As soon as the rest of us parked Matt spotted a small unclimbed tower.  He grabbed Bill and the two of them headed off with the drill.  Since H.O.P. was right next to the unclimbed tower, we sorted gear at the trucks and then gave chase.  Matt started drilling as Brad started up pitch 1.  As the 5 of us climbed H.O.P. Matt and Bill topped out on their tower, rappelled and started jugging lines we had left fixed for them on H.O.P.  The unclimbed tower was dubbed 'Putterman's Nub', and was free climbed on toprope after our 7 person ascent of 'House of Putterman'.  Always a pleasure to see the Brandewie family!  Let's make it happen again soon!  Thanks Bill for the photos!


Matt on 'Putterman's Nub'.

Amber climbing pitch 1 with Brad belaying.

Bill finishing it off.

Amber on pitch 2 with Brad at the pitch 1 anchor.

Ian A. on the final moves.  Nice lead Ian M!

Brad sensing that there will be trouble.

The crew on top!

Free climbing 'Putterman's Nub' on TR.

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