Friday, July 8, 2011

Discovering the Tourist Route

The Black Canyon Guide book doesn't have much good to say about the 'Tourist Route'.  But with the allure of a long moderate with an easy approach(for Black Canyon standards) and short escape to the car, I thought it might turn out to be a good guiding route in the future.
The Tourist Route as seen from the overlook.

Mike and I headed down the gulley in early June which can be a hot time of year in the Black, but with Western exposure and an early start we were in the shade for the entire climb.  The climb went pretty well for no topo or much of a route description.  We topped out at noon just over 6 hours car to car.  We were off route for the first few pitches but once on route found it quite enjoyable.

Mike on Pitch 2

Mike mid way up.
Zoom in to see Mike on the crux pitch.
In the last weekend of June Bill and I were back with Chris Scharff to try it out as a guiding route.  I adusted the first few pitches which made them of a higher quality.  Up higher trying to avoid the crux pitch from early June I headed right and ended up climbing a harder variation.  Chris was a good sport and soon we were back on easier terrain.  All in all it was a great day of climbing in the Black Canyon.

Me leading pitch 2.
Chris with a little exposure!
On top!