Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cody Ice Climbing

Tim, Jaaron, Aarona, Cory and I made it up to Cody this year for some ice climbing.  We all split a super plush cabin right near the climbing which cut our commute to the ice down from an hour to 10 minutes.  It was a great year for ice this year, many routes that rarely form were very fat.  I had a list of classics to do while we were up there but didn't really do any because we kept finding stuff that rarely forms to climb.  We figured we might as well save the stuff that always forms for next year.
Tim following 'Cabin Fever'
 After around 17hrs of driving because of horrible roads, we arrived at our cabin at 1am to -22 degree temps.  Needless to say Tim and I took it easy the next day.  We climbed 'Cabin Fever' with the planned of tacking on 'Wyoming Wave'.  Unfortunetly after climbing CF we walked past WW's first pitch saying, "that can't be it".  Well apparently it was.  After postholing up the wrong drainage for a very long time we finally decided that the small frozen falls we had seen likely was the correct pitch.  We turned around, climbed the pitch and called it a day, skipping the last two pitches.
Tim leading the 4th pitch of 'Spying and Flying'
 The next day we decided to hike in and check out 'Spying and Flying' and Ro Sham Bo'.  Somehow a 2 mile approach took a solid two hours of pretty fast hiking to complete.  Tim had been back there before but luckily for me he hadn't done all the pitches he had wanted to.
Tim following 'Ro Sham Bo'
We got back to the car well after dark but got some great pitches in!
Tim leading 'Sendero Illuminoso'
 After all the hiking the day before we wanted a shorter approach so we opted for 'Sender Illuminoso' which apparently rarely forms as big as it did this year.
Tim following 'Scratch My Itchy'
On what ended up being our last day of ice climbing we climbed 'Super Blue Moon' which is to the left of the uber classic 'High on Boulder'.  We climbed its 3 pitches and continued up the drainage to the spectacular 'Scratch My Itchy'.  What a great way to end a great trip!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Stairway to Heaven

For the last two winters Amanda has ice climbed a day or two each winter.  Even with her minimal days out each winter she has been steadily picking off San Juan Classics.
Approaching Stairway to Heaven
In years past she climbed, Ames Ice Hose, Bridalveil Falls, The Calling, and Whorehouse Hoses.  On Thursday Tim, Jaaron, Amanda, and I got out and added Stairway to Heaven to that list.
Tim belaying Jaaron on pitch 1.
 We split into two teams with Tim and Jaaron climbing first and Amanda and I trying to keep up.  Although the temps were a chilly 4 degrees at the trailhead when we left the vehicles, it turned out to be a beautiful pleasant sunny day.
Amanda and I on the way down.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hite Towers

Trevor, Emily and I made plans to check out some towers near Hite, Utah.  I'd never been that far west of Blanding on 95 so I was stoked!  I got out of work and drove straight to Blanding to pick them up.  We filled the Ranger with camping gear, climbing gear and people and headed out.  By the time we got out to our first objective it was afternoon.  We pulled over under Middle Finger Tower and racked up.
Middle Finger Tower with the Henry Mountains behind. 
Emily took the first pitch ending on a rubble filled ledge.  I was up next, a mix of aid and free slowly got me to the top.  The pucker factor was high in spots but luckily everything worked.  This little tower turned out to be super cool with spectacular views. 

The sun was starting to get low in the sky so we hurried back to the car and drove on.  The road got rough for a bit but we made it through and found a camp spot below the next day's objectives.
Sewing Machine and Sewing Machine Needle
This was our main goal, The Sewing Machine Needle.  A beautiful thin wind gate tower in a remote location!  If things went well the plan was to check out the butte next to the needle, it was aptly named the Sewing Machine.  We couldn't find any reports of routes on the butte and thought maybe we'd be the first to climb it, or at least put a new route on it.   The Needle was chilly to say the least.  We started in the shade and by the time we got into the sun the wind had picked up.  I lead the free first pitch and Trevor took the long aid pitch to the summit.

The Sewing Machine Needle
 It was afternoon by the time we were back on the ground and thinking about the butte.  We decided to at least check it out.  We walked the western side looking for possible lines.  We decided on a line on the southern tip that wasn't proud but would get us to the summit quickly.  I took the first pitch stopping 20' below the summit because of bad rope drag.  Unfortunetly, as soon as we summited it became apparent that we were not the first to climb the butte or the route!  There was an anchor with fresh looking bolts and webbing.  Still a fun climb and summit to cap a great day.

Hiking back to camp.
Having completed all of our planned objectives, that night we brainstormed for tomorrows possible objectives.  We settled on The Bishop.  Another windgate tower just up the road in North Wash.  The next morning we four wheeled back out to 95 and turned west once again to find The Bishop.  Although the approach looked heinous from the truck it went quickly and we were at the base of a super cool, little 3 pitch free route before we knew it.  I took the first pitch, Emily styled the second pitch splitter and Trevor took the wide summit pitch.  Once again a super fun desert trip comes to an end.  Thanks for the fun times!  Oh and Trevor and/or Emily took all these photos....

Monday, November 27, 2017


Although the Black Canyon has the reputation of being full of loose rock, poison ivy, and scary climbing, there are the occasional gems that avoids all three of those things; Blacksmiths on the Hooker Buttress is one of those routes.
Stoked on the warm sunlight.
I had given up on the idea of climbing at all in the Black in 2017.  Schedules and weather never lined up.  Luckily with the mild and dry fall we've been having the season was extended and we were able to squeak in a route.  I saw some photos of Noah on the route in the end of October and texted Matt immediately.  We hadn't done a Black route in mid November before and I for one was a little worried about the minimal light and cold nights.
We started early, leaving the car with 30 degree temps.  Per usual however, half way down the SOB I was in a t-shirt and sweating.  With a plethora of beta we were able to get to the base of the first pitch at first light.  The route allows a few pitches to warm up on Dry Hard before veering off left over some big roofs. 2 1/2 pitches of traversing puts you at the base of the hard climbing.
Feeling the exposure.
Matt was up and onsighted through the hard climbing, and fell off due to rope drag on the wandering pitch right before the anchor.  I convinced Matt that we should lead in small two pitch blocks since he was rested from belaying and I was pumped from following the last pitch.  He lead up the next crux pitch and gave it a valiant effort but apparently he gets tired too.  Who knew?  I lead the next to pitches and Matt took the last, topping out at 3 with lots of light left for the half hour walk back to the car.
Matt on the first hard pitch.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

24 HHH

This year Ben Griffin and I amazingly got into 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  The event has gained a lot of attention over the years and is increasingly difficult to get into. 
In addition to the two of us, Amanda and Katy came to heckle us and climb before and after the competition.
Although our "strategy" of trying to climb the good looking lines didn't really pan out with a win.  We did at least get enough points that we can preregister for 24HHH next year.  Having never been to the area before, I'm pretty happy with how smoothly things went.  With all the energy from the other climbers around getting through the night climbing portion was definitely easier that anticipated.
Before registering for 2018 though, I'll first have to forget how much the skin on my hands hurt near the end and after the event.


Notre Dame
Amanda and I were fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Paris and Fontainebleau this fall.  I've always heard that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and I never really believed it until I saw it myself.  It truly is a gorgeous city!  In addition to Amanda and I we were traveling with some fun family, including Gordon, Jean, and Greg.  Amanda was our interpreter and planned/organized most of the trip which was a lot of hard work and definitely added to the experience. We spent the first few days in Paris, taking tours of museums, churches, opera houses; eating amazing food, and enjoying the city.  
Getting some help from the locals.
We rented a car in Paris and drove to Fontainebleau.  Amanda and I stuck to our tried and true method of driving in a foreign country.  Amanda drives and I navigate.  I expected driving in Paris to be crazy but with the help of google maps it went smoother than expected.
Short people climb.
It takes a few problems to get used to the rock, movement and friction.
Tall people reach.

Greg showing us how it's done.

The Font is a classic bouldering area for good reason.  We found so many amazing boulder problems and we barely scratched the surface of what is there.  The circuits are truly unique to the area, in addition to being very fun they are a great way to see the area. 


Cardinal Pinnacle!
Amanda and I were able to get away this summer to the Sierras in the end of July.  Before our trip Amanda wasn't sold on the fact that climbing high sierra granite would be any fun.  For me though she was willing to give it a go. We started out with a jaunt up Cardinal Pinnacle.  A 4 pitch 5.10a just outside of Bishop.  Halfway up the first pitch she was hooting and hollering about how good the climbing was.  Enough so that I thought she was being sarcastic.  Fortunately she was actually having a great time and that stoke continued to the top of the climb!
Amanda on the 3rd pitch of Cardinal Pinnacle.
After the Cardinal Pinnacle warm up we decided to head up to Temple Crag and check out the classic Sun Ribbon Arete.  We hiked up in the afternoon after getting a permit and food shopping.  After a little searching we found a great camping spot near Third Lake.  We had initially thought we'd do the route car to car in a day but were glad we decided to take two in the end.
Amanda heading up to Sun Ribbon ArĂȘte.
California had a big snow year so we brought aluminum crampons and an axe for the snow.  We could definitely have gotten by without the crampons but the security of the axe was nice for the descent. 
On top of the ArĂȘte about to head down.
We should have known that the route would have more of alpine feel but we expected solid rock which we didn't find.  Although the route is in a beautiful setting the loose blocks and shenanigans required on the route taint the route in my opinion.  On the hike out we saw 5 scorpions on the trail!  I was glad to be wearing close toed shoes.
Geoff and I on top of North Dome.
Next up was meeting up with a longtime friend Geoff Settles.  Amanda and I met Geoff at the New Campus climbing wall in Traverse City Michigan around 1997.  We used to take trips to the Red River Gorge when we were in high school.  Fortunately we've kept in touch with Geoff since moving to Colorado.  Geoff and I had a plan to climb 50 pitches to commemorate his 50th birthday.  We ended up climbing Royal Arches and Crest Jewel Direct into the South Face on North Dome.  Totaling 30ish pitches.  We decided not to continue with our initial plan after baking in the sun all day. Luckily for Geoff and I, Amanda and Jesse were nice enough to hike to the top of North Dome and bring us food and water.  
At the road after Royal Aches, North Dome.
After two rest days Amanda was wanting to get back on the rock and we decided to take it easy and go sport climbing at an area called Clark Canyon near Mammoth.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and we had to bail after a few routes due to rain.
At the base of Cathedral Peak.
The last objective for our trip was Cathedral Peak.  Although the Peak was packed with people we had a great time.  There are so many route options that we were able to weave back and forth to pass parties.  All in all it was a great trip with an amazing partner in crime!
On top of Cathedral Peak.