Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joe Wilson

As is expected Jeff was nearly an hour late picking me up.  He had some crap excuses but I wasn't really listening, I was just glad to finally be in his truck headed for the desert.  Early this spring Bill, Matt and I got shut down on what was left of the towers in the Joe Wilson area because of snow.  Although after seeing the photo of Chris on top of Texas Tower maybe snow is not a valid excuse.

We had one day and three towers to climb, starting with the East Canyon Fin.  Luckily Jeff enjoys sharing truck paint this the bushes allowing us to cut out a total of an hour of hiking compared to where Bill had parked a few months before.  I guess that makes up for him being a little late.  

While climbing "Brides of Mine" Jeff's rope received a serious core shot.  The day before we left he got his new rope in.  Jeff was ampted to break in the new line and led off on the first pitch, leaving me the second pitch wide crack.  Although I know it would surprise Sam, I'd have to say the climbing on the fin was better then anything I experienced on the Rainbow Wall in Red Rocks.  Super solid quality climbing start to finish.  
Next on the list was Moby Dick's Head and Tail.  Both of which ended up being scarier and harder then we expected.  Maybe I was not in the right mind space but I don't think Moby Dick's Head will go free very easily.  After the three towers we started looking for 'The Anvil' but decided to leave that for another trip.
Hiking to East Canyon Fin.

Jeff on pitch 1.
On top of East Canyon Fin.
Cord taken from 'Lady in a Bathtub'.
Jeff rappeling East Canyon Fin
Moby Dick's Tail
Moby Dick's Tail
Pins on Moby Dick's Head