Saturday, October 20, 2012

Behind the Rocks

I wake to my phone ringing and realize that the dream I had about turning my alarm clock off and going back to sleep was in fact, not a dream.   Bill is waiting in his truck out front wondering were I am.  You would think that after years of me giving people crap for being late, slow, and inefficient that when I mess up and am slowing down the show I would get it back in folds.  But Bill doesn't even have a sarcastic remark for me.  One of only three things can explain this 1) Bill only got two hours of sleep. 2) He realizes that I'm beating myself up already. 3) He's a better person then I am.  The truth is likely a combination of 1 and 3 but I like to think it is 2.
Packing for "Brad's Tower"  
It's getting light when we are driving past Cortez and I'm kicking myself for slowing down the show and wasting daylight.  We stop along the highway near a tower that Brad has been pointing out every time we drive by for years.  It's been dubbed "Brad's Tower".  The closer we get to the feature the less and less it looks less like a tower, until Bill and I stop walking.  We decide "Brad's Tower" is unworthy of our effort and head back to the car.
Unsure of what to do Bill drives north as I frantically flip through guidebooks offering suggestions.  I hear a quiet "I've been looking at that for years, we could do that."  Just of the road is a little spike of rock near the Behind the Rocks area.  It's not super proud but it will do.  Bill leads and I jug the line that Bill has fixed to a few bad pins and himself.  After a experience the night before Bill calls the tower "The College Girl" and names the route "Almost got Laid."
Bill, checking to see if there are signs of anchors. 

Bill, doing his happy dance.


The reason for Bill's 2 hours of sleep the night before.

Near by is another small feature that we decided to climb before heading home that we are calling, "Table Scraps."
Me on top of "Table Scraps".

"Table Scraps" on the hill and "The College Girl" in the lower right. 

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