Sunday, October 7, 2012


Bill, Matt and I climbed Astroman in the end of September.  Turns out the thing is classic for a reason!  Amazing climbing!  We started out behind a slow crew which was frustrating but they got turned around by the 'Harding Slot' and rappelled.
Bill walked the 'Boulder Problem' which had turned me away.
The 'Enduro' pitch was a little easier than expected with a few rests along the way. But still a great lead by Matt.
Matt yelled down from the top of the 'Harding Slot' after leading it, "I don't want to be cocky but I'm pretty sure that where we come from that was easy."
We topped out just before dark thirsty and happy.  We ran back down the North Dome Gully to our bags at the base and some extra water.
Bill on pitch 1.

Matt following pitch 2.

Checking out the Boulder Problem.  About to get shut down.

Bill knows that to send you must be one with the rock.

The ultimate crotch shot.  Matt on the Enduro pitch.

Ready for something.



Bill after the 'Changing Corners' pitch.

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