Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Savelli Express

Matt, Adam and I left Durango last night for some climbing on Ophir Wall.  After some apple pie and ice cream for dinner we hit the hay.  Matt K. was driving out to meet us this morning so when I woke up to rain a little after 5am I texted him to let him know.  He responded, "Oh well I'm coming anyways." Fair enough.  The rain didn't last long and everything was dry by the time we got up.  A little more apple pie, two breakfast burritos and a the rest of Matt's box wine and I was ready to climb.  We originally wanted to climb in the Black but it's been so hot lately that was out of the question.  So I found the route Savelli Express, thinking cooler temps, 8 pitches and only one pitch of hard climbing.  The route was fun but I felt like it was slightly misrepresented. The 8 pitches turned out to be 4.  Every time the topo said 90' it turned out to be more like 60'.  Either way it was a fun day with fun people on a fun route.  Back at the base around noon, no one could muster motivation to crag on the 400' wall so we headed home.
Adam on pitch 3.

Matt K. on pitch 4.

Bomber anchors everywhere!

Headed back to the car.

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