Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dream Catcher

On February 3rd Jeff and I went out to Arch Canyon to try and climb both Dream Catcher and Dream Speaker in a day. Jeff had not climbed since Million Dollar Tower in November.  His shoulder is feeling better than it did back then but it's still pretty painful.  I made him carry his own pack this time around, despite the note he gave me from his Physical Therapist that said he is old/weak/brokem and that I should basically carry him to the tower.  We parked on the rim and did a rappel to get into the canyon.  Hiking down the steep hill all I could hear behind me was ouch....... ouch.... ouch.................... ouch, every time his arm would get jarred a little.  
But we made it to the base of Dream Catcher and racked up.  Jeff was able to lead pitches 2 and 4 with what appeared to be less pain then the hiking in.  Once we rappeled and did the traverse pitch to the base of Dream Speaker we decided that we were running low on time.  We decided to leave Dream Speaker for another day and start the 2 hour return trip to the car.  On the way out we found a path that required no fixed rope and took a few minutes to look at an indian ruin.  Arriving back at the car minutes before dark we felt a little justified for bailing on Dream Speaker. 
I'm stoked to have Jeff back in action!

Jeff back in action!

Dream Speaker(R) and Dream Catcher(L) viewed from the rim.
Jeff rappeling in from the rim.

We should have brought out ice tools!

Old indian ruins.

Dream Catcher from the south side.

Dream Speaker

Indian ruin

Now that is some old corn!

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