Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cogswell Tower

Jeff and I went to the desert yesterday for a little tower climbing.  After a lot of driving around we found and climbed Cogswell Tower via a route named Raven.  Back at the car by 2pm we decided to look around for a tower called the Anvil.  After searching for an hour or more we decided it was on the other rim of the canyon and settled for a very cool looking feature called Enchanted Mesa.  With one real pitch of climbing we were back at the car before dark.  On the drive out we noticed a dome right next to the road with Moki Steps carved in and ran up and down for a quick ascent.  To top off a great day, we picked up Amanda at home on our way back into Durango and had some wings at Cuckoo's.

Cogswell Tower

Jeff at the base.

Jeff following pitch 2.

Jeff on pitch 3.

Jeff on the summit.

Cool looking splitter near Cogswell.

Jeff hiking up to the rim after Enchanted Mesa.

Little Dome with Moki steps.

On top looking back at Babe the big blue truck.

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  1. So cool to see your climbs and hear your voice.